My name is Dr. Heath Schechinger. I’m a licensed counseling psychologist at UC Berkeley, founder and co-chair of the American Psychological Association Division 44 Consensual Non-monogamy Task Force, and offer therapy and consultation services tailored to LGBTQ+, Kinky, and Polyamorous/Non-Monogamous individuals and partners.

I am working to promote authenticity and non-judgment in all types of love and intimacy. With roughly one in four people reporting they’ve been unfaithful in their current relationship and 30% of couples presenting to therapy due to infidelity, I believe it’s time to compassionately explore our cultural expectations regarding monogamy. Many experience a dual desire for security and novelty in relationships and I work with individuals and partners to discover what type of relationship is ideal for them, whether it’s monogamy, polyamory, or something in between. My work on consensual non-monogamy (CNM) has been featured in media outlets such as Goop, Vogue, and Psychology Today.

In my efforts developing and leading the CNM Task Force, a collective of 90 researchers, educators, lawyers, and clinicians, I have been collaborating with colleagues to generate research and create CNM-informed resources. Our 12 Initiatives range from conducting CNM research to creating resources for therapists and educators and advocating for including CNM therapist locator directories. I also have multiple peer-reviewed publications including the largest study to date addressing therapy practices with individuals engaged in CNM. I also serve as Adviser to the Kinsey Institute’s Special Collection on Polyamory.